Types of yoga

Yoga strengthens weaker parts and muscles of your body, and softens and loosens cramped parts. The combination of different poses and your breath revitalizes the body, making use of a balance between strength and relaxation. It improves body posture and softens stress complaints.

Yoga is listening to your body. The open awareness towards yourself, your body and the movement of your breath do help to feel good.

Yoga helps to stay grounded, also when life is stressful and busy. The stillness you feel after a class stay with you after.

At Aruna Yoga Maastricht three types of Yoga are offered: hatha yoga (the classical form of yoga, good for beginners to experienced yogi’s, regardless af age), vinyasa yoga (a more dynamic, sporty yoga) and yin yoga (restorative, slow yoga where you stay long in each pose).

You are welcome to all three: maybe you prefer one especially, maybe you prefer to alternate!

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is the basic type of yoga. It is a calm type of yoga, good for everyone. From beginners tot experienced yogi’s, regardless of age. The balance between strengt and relaxation is important.


Hatha yoga is calm, but the poses may be really challenging too. There is time to listen to your body : open awareness to yourself, your limits, to the movement of your breath. The different poses meanwhile create space in your body.

Al class contains standing, sitting and lying postures and breath exercises. A class ends with an end relaxation.

When you feel too much stress and disquiet in your life, hatha yoga can help!

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga (or flow yoga) is a more dynamic and sporty type of yoga. Movement and breath are combined so that you move in the flow of your breath. The postures are linked together is series or sequences, so you keep moving in a flow. A sun salutation is an example of such a sequence.

Vinyasa yoga is related to ashtanga yoga, but the sequences are moored varied, and therefore more playful.

In general, you need more strength for vinyasa yoga then you do for hatha yoga. More powerful poses are involved, in combination with flowing movements. Of course the class ends with an end relaxation.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga, or restorative yoga, is a kind of yoga mostly focused on letting go and relaxing. The postures are mostly lying or sitting. You stay a few minutes in every pose; with that you let go, you stretch your muscles and also loosens your connective tissue. While staying in the pose you create space for your breath, and you will notice that you can always relax into the pose a bit more.


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