One trial class is free!


After that, when you want to join the yoga, you can either choose a monthly subscription, or a 10-class-card.

With a monthly subscription you pay for a certain amount of classes per month;

With a 10-class-card you pay for 10 classes; the card is valid two years.


Of course you can also pay for a seperate class.


•     monthly subscription for max 5 classes a month (or once a week) €33,50

•     monthly subscription for maximum 10 classes a month (or twice a week) €57,00

•     monthly subscription for unlimited yoga €75,00


Aruna Maastricht is connected to BenVitaal: when your employer is linked to BenVitaal too, you can let your employer pay the yoga classes from your gross salary; that saves about 40% on your subscription. Ask your employer or salary administration for more information.

This is only valid for monthly subscriptions.


Class Cards:

•     class card 10 classes €104,00

•     separate class €12,50

•     trial class (once) €0,00


Reduced prices for students:

•     Monthly subscription for maximum 5 classes per month (or once a week) €29,00

•     Monthly subscription for unlimited yoga €47,00

•     Class-card 10 classes €77,00

•     separate class €10,00

•     Trial class (once) €0,00

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